Costs of ring 118 numbers

In August 2003 the 192 directory enquiries telephone number was retired off and was replaced by different 118 numbers which in turn were allocated by lottery to new business offering rival services. This then can be very confusing so it is best to use this simple guide to all the providers and what they charge.


number to callhow many enquires ?how chargedconnection chargecost per minutecost per two minute call
118 118unlimitedper minute0.411.292.99
118 888unlimitedper minute0.591.29 (min 1 minute)3.17
118 8111per call0.50NA0.50
118 212unlimitedper minute0.3570.872.10
118 500unlimitedper minute0.501.393.28
118 247unlimitedper minute1.330.402.13
118 848unlimitedper minute0.990.991.98
118 365unlimitedper call0.59NA0.59
118 855unlimitedper call1.00NA1.00

The two 118 directory enquiry numbers most frequently used by callers -118118 and 118500 – are among the two most expensive, so you have been warned !!! comparing prices from 118 numbers is our specialty.

A total of 76m calls are made to 118 numbers each year, two-thirds from landlines. The most frequently used are 118118 (The Number) used by 42% of callers, and 118500 (BT), called by 26%, says UK telecoms regulator, Ofcom.  So calling the wring number can cost you thousands ….

The two most popular 118 numbers levy a fixed connection charge, plus a time charge for every second the caller is on the line. So 118 compare the prices as compiled a quick table to show these costs and details how you pay the price

For most callers, it is far cheaper to use a service that levies a fixed flat fee for however long the call lasts. Like the little know

But, given access to the internet, you don’t have to pay anything to track down residential and business phone numbers.

There are many online directories that find numbers for you free of charge, including BT’s thephonebook.; (online Yellow Pages);;; and

And, of course, you can always look numbers up in the phonebook.

Ofcom have have just announced (November 2019 )that the maximum charge for calls will be capped at £3.65 for every 90 seconds, with some firms currently charging almost £20 for a 90-second call.


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