118 212


Maureen is one of the most distinctive brands in the confusing world of 118 numbers and has achieved third place in overall awareness of dq brands, helped by the friendly UK based call centre operators. In essence Maureen is the efficient service with the human touch: friendly, personable, helpful and reliable.

Her personality is based on the image we have of the original telephone operators, someone who is switched on, helpful and perhaps a little quirky. Her values are efficiency, tenacity and dependability, i.e. she makes a commitment to you towards getting it right. The benefits for callers are a consistently personal service from UK operators, who understand your need and make the extra effort to help get the right number quickly and efficiently.

Theys say what matters most is getting the right number, quickly and at a reasonable price! Above all people want a friendly and helpful service and Maureen aims to fill that need. In a recent survey 94% of customers told us they were satisfied with at least 83% ‘very satisfied’.

The entire Maureen 118 212 team is backed by Independent Radio News Ltd (IRN), the leading UK commercial radio news provider. IRN was established in 1973 at the dawn of commercial radio and is responsible for providing a high-quality news service for the UK’s top radio brands such as Classic FM, Magic, Capital, Heart and Talksport.


number to callhow many enquires ?how chargedconnection chargecost per minutecost per two minute call
118 212unlimitedper minute0.3570.872.10

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