118 500

BT Directory services

As described on their web site, their words not ours.

Fast, Friendly, Accurate. That’s the kind of service you need when you’re after a phone number – and it’s exactly what you get when you call 118 500*, the BT directory enquiries number.

As soon as you dial our directory enquiries on 118 500, you get straight through to our UK team – the team that in a recent survey scored top marks for the most accurate and efficient service. They answered calls faster than anyone else, and found numbers quicker. The team also scored in the top two for helpfulness.

You may find that different, comment below if that is the case


number to callhow many enquires ?how chargedconnection chargecost per minutecost per two minute call
118 500unlimitedper minute0.501.393,28

One thought on “118-500”

  1. I made a call to this rip off company my call was for 0.37 seconds and I was charged £5.61 it is a compleat con do not use this site

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