118 888

118 888

118 888 is another directory enquiries service run by the 118 118 people.

Calls to 118 888 cost 59p per call plus £1.29 per minute charged by the second (minimum 60 sec charge) from BT landlines, calls include VAT.

But their enhanced services are not available on this number.


number to callhow many enquires ?how chargedconnection chargecost per minutecost per two minute call
118 888unlimitedper minute0.591.293.17

this is a very pricey service ! comment below please

7 thoughts on “118 888”

  1. I’ve just seen my parents phone bill, 3 calls to 118888 9th Jan 17, one was 58 seconds, one was 4 seconds and another one, all between 12.22 and 12.23 pm, 3 x £7.09. Something not right, how can I investigate, darent call 118!

  2. What the hell!! A let somebody borrow my phone and they rang this number (long story) they were on the phone for 3 minutes and I get charged £20!!! Why on earth is it so expensive???

  3. My elderly mother has just been charged £9.10 for a 39 second call to 118888 which bears no resemblance to 59p per call plus £1.29 per minute. When I spoke to BT (my mothers provider), they just said they could do nothing about it and advised just not to use them. It is about time that the telecom providers did something about this obvious scam.

  4. I’ve just looked at my phone bill and being charged £9:09 for a 16second call I did not even make can only think my little one did but not happy what a con, phoned up sky nothing they can do

  5. I have just seen a client’s bill – call to 118,888 charged at £9.13 for 58 seconds and £13.386 for 1 minute and 54 seconds. This is considerably more than the rate quoted above. Is this explained to callers when they call? Where is the rate published? What is ofcom doing about this rip-off?

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